Somebody once told me I could never fight the sun. It’s so powerful and overwhelming that it only kills you if you catch your eye when you don’t have to.

I don’t listen him and went up to the endlessness. I created guns from the most lethal stars, I begged for a helping hand, but nobody helped me. Everybody’s afraid of HIM. But who can it be under the greatness of its light? Can he be stronger than love? Can he be more beautiful than the light of the heart?

When I got to him, I was waiting patiently, as if I knew I was on my way. He smiled at me, even near the mortuary, and signaled to come closer. I prepared my weapon, ready for the fight, but I stopped …

Anyway, it quit, letting the sun dominate.

And then I realized. We are like an ethos and a kind, two broken parts of the universe born of the same pure being. There has never been a real struggle between us, everything was the answer of love.

Everything makes sense. Once two souls beat for the same love, that of helping us, no obstacle is a loss, but a gain.

I’m strong, because I create our love in this youniverse.

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